The idea began from the successful “Mapping Invisible Cities” project supported by the Goethe-Institut in 2009. Led by a German Photographer Peter Bialobrzeski, this project traversed through six Southeast Asian cities, and involved 37 photographers. During the touring exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, in a workshop conducted by local curator and photographers, Alex Moh and Azrul K. Abdullah, an ingenious idea was put forward to bring more local photographers together to promote the exploration of city experience and urban subjects through photography.  In the months that followed, 13 local photographers, who wanted to share their own personal vision of the city came together to form the “Beyond the concept of city photography” project.  Guided by experienced photographers, Alex Moh, Azrul K. Abdullah and Kelvin Chan, photographers share ideas and discussion in a continuous dialogue to develop their individual visions. The outcome of the project was presented in an exhibition entitled “Beyond our city: Lights and Myth” in the Annexe Gallery Kuala Lumpur in February 2010.

After the completion of Beyond City project, a new group was formed in March 2010 with a new name, Shooting Stars. This time, a new group of photographers came together and were challenged to interrogate and explore the meaning of “garden” in the city. This group of photographers was facilitated by a group of prominent photographers Azrul K. Abdullah, Eiffel Chong, Alex Moh and Khairul Azril.

Participating group members held discussion meetings with facilitators to discuss ideas and to receive feedbacks for their on-going submission of works. Members continuously develop their ideas individually and shooting new works during the past 9 months. Members were subjected to critic sessions to help them improve. A WordPress.com blog was created to facilitate further discussion and sharing online.

There were no prerequisites nor special qualification required for participation except for the fact that each photographer should have the basic technical photographic skills to take technically good photographs. So the group is widely diverse in age, profession and background.

Project Objectives

  • To open doors for young photographers to experiment and explore new possibilities of photographing urban subjects and discovering new visual experience within our city.
  • To encourage the use of photography as a form of visual artistic expression.
  • To create better understanding and awareness for contemporary art photography today

This 9-month long program was graciously supported by the Goethe-Institut Malaysia, Nikon Malaysia, Epson Malaysia.

Project coordinator: Lim Thian Leong (thianleong.lim@gmail.com)


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